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What to do about hidradenitis suppurativa? answers (43)

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what to do about hidradenitis suppurativa?

A: Wow, this is a new one. I have heard of this but never actually met anyone who had it. Since it is not a hygiene problem it is hard to say what will work and what will not. Have you already tried laser therapy? I am wondering if botox therapy might work. Possibly Etanercept (Enbrel)? Ask your doctor what (s)he thinks. Depending upon where you live, there are doctors in San Diego, CA., Ann Arbor, MI., Manchester, NH., New York, NY., Hershey, PA., and Santa Clara, UT. Sorry I couldn't be of more help. Keep me posted on your progress, Susu...

hidradenitis Suppurativa - what now?

A: I am a 25 year old female. I was diagnosed with HS when I was 14 years old. I have been in the ER more times than I can count. I don;t know how severe yours are now, but I get absesses under my breasts atleast twice a month which i have to go to the ER and have them cut open and drained and packed... I have also have multiple operations to remove the sweat glands, etc... (thankfully I live in Canada and all my ER trips and operations are free)...So here I am at 25 and still suffering more than ever. Im due for another more entensive operation soon where they will be doing some skin grafting aswell. My surgeon referred me to a plastic sergeon...


does hidradenitis suppurativa qaulify as a disibility for the Ontario Disibility Support Program?

A: Dear Ali, I would need to know more. It should qualify. what has your doctor said about this? Usually it requires letters and documentation from your doc. Where in Ontario do you live? I don't need your address. If you are living in a major city, I could direct you where to go for answers. I worked in toronto for several years as an RN, but still maintain contact with many nurses and family members. I have a friend who has hidradenitis...



A: Hi Shadow. I have this disease, as well, and yes, I''ve had MANY of them cut out. If I were you, I would go back to your doctor, or the ER just to see if there''s something they might be able to do for you, especially since you are diabetic. Unfortunately, there is no cure for this disease, and most doctors give antibiotics that don''t really help. I currently have several lesions that have been "open wounds" since the end of March, and the only thing I get from doctors is,...


hidradenitis Suppurativa-I''m sick of it!

A: Was reading on internet the other day --someone said that zinc helps HS....


what causes a boil or boils to appear on the body?

A: what is a boil? A boil, is a localized infection deep in the skin. A boil generally starts as a reddened, tender area. Over time, the area becomes firm and hard. Eventually, the center of the abscess softens and becomes filled with infection-fighting white blood cells that the body sends from the blood stream to eradicate the infection. This collection of white blood cells, bacteria, and proteins is known as pus. Finally, the pus "forms a head," which can be surgically opened or spontaneously drain out through the surface of the skin. There are several different types of boils. Furuncle or carbuncle: This is an abscess in the skin caused by the bacterium Staphylococcus aureus. A furuncle can have one or more openings on

what can i do to get rid of these boils under my arm.they come to a half head and go down.?

A: It may sound weird, but I have all the time patients whose skin conditions go away after a couple months Chiropractic treatments. The skin and sweat glands are also controlled through the central nervous system which has to at some point come out from the vertabrae. Just had a kid with these boils, and they are totally gone (he came for general posture). An old remedy that my Dad used waaayyyy back when..Take a bar of soap and scrape some off..Make it into a paste with some water, and put it on there..It will help it come to a head..Also, keep in mind, boils are really a symptom of something else going on..Could just be stress... Go And See A


Concerning boils: do you hold the right join?

A: Hi. I have a skin condition that is to say called hidradenitis suppurativa (I chew over that is how it is spelled). It is much approaching boils & it can be in your armpits, groin nouns, and breast area. do a rummage through on Google & maybe you can find out if specifically what it is. to view what boils look approaching, all you enjoy to do is go to google and click on descriptions...type in boils and wella, near you are... Good luck...


How do i cure a biol?

A: Use some epsom salts paste. You should be able to get it from your chemist. You just put a little ( just enough to cover the boil) on a piece of lint and cover it with a plaster. It will draw the pus and also soften the surface so that it bursts naturally. Once it has burst, which it should do within a few hours, keep it clean and dry. If it recurs, get to your doctor for antibiotics. if its really bad your doctor/nurse can lance it for you Are you sure it''s a boil and not an ingrown hair? Boils are skin infections so use an antibiotic cream like Fuciden to get rid of...


I get boils on my legs what can I do to stop them from forming they leave ugly marks on my legs?

A: The real treatment you need is not for the boils but some other ailment that is causing these boils to occur. Boils are not a disease themselves but an indication of some other illness. It would be advisable to get a medical examination done in order to treat the actual problem rather than worrying about just the boils and the ugly marks on your legs. One of the main reasons for boils to occur on the body is the toxic build up in the system. If you have an improper bowel movement, or if your colon is unclean, it can manifest itself in the form of boils. So first make sure that you eliminate the waste without any...

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