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I need 15 items to put in a first aid kit?

A: Antibiotic salve, butterfly bandages which in some cases are a good substitute for a deep cut that would normally need sutures.Benadryl for allergic reactions such as a bee sting. Cortezone creme like lanacaine or lanacort for rashes and itching. Antiseptic wipes for cleaning wounds, needle for slivers, aspirin or tylenol for pain, fever etc. alcohol swabs Mask Safety pins Slings pressure bandage paracetamol thermometer two items you didn''t mention that should be in ant first aid kit is a couple of rolls of roller bandage (2" is a good size) and two or three triangular bandages. they are by far the best for some type injuries, are fast to apply, and take very little room first


what should be kept in a first-aid kit for emergencies?

A: a flare gun, an assault rifle preferably AK-47, and condoms Chocolate WATER Do a search on the web for first-aid supplies. It will give you a list of items to put in your first-aid kit depending on where you are going to keep it..for instance a back-packing trip will have different items than a home first-aid kit or a kit to carry in your car. Different situations--different first-aid kits..Try your local Red Cross for information. They should be able to give you a...


what Should One Have In A first aid kit?

A: The essential items which go into a first-aid kit are two pairs of Latex gloves (in case a person is allergic to Latex gloves, he or she can put in a couple of pairs of any other variety of sterile gloves), sterile dressings which can help prevent the bleeding, a cleansing agent or a soap and antiseptic towelettes (these are the disinfectants), antibiotic ointment which can help prevent the infection, burn ointment which can help prevent the infection, adhesive bandages (these come in a variety of sizes) and non-stick sterile pads. These are soft pads which have super-absorbent properties and can provide a conducive environment for the...

I am putting together a first aid kit and would like a pocket guide notebook to put in it. Where could I find one?

A: Once You Get Past the Cover Illustration, This is a Valuable Resource I think that this is probably just the book that you are looking for. Some good pocket guides... Keep in mind that I think all good first aid kits come with a booklet. Here''s what I have to offer....


Save a future thumb -- help me assemble a first aid kit for my husband''s woodshop.

A: You should start by following the guide-lines that OSHA sets for construction workers first aid kits. Here is a basic OSHA first-aid guide Here is OSHA recommendations for what should be in a first kit...


If you are going on a hike what should you take in your first-aid kit?

A: The following items were taken from the Official Boy Scout web site: www.scouting.org For some really good information I suggest that you go to their site. It is important that one person in each touring group be trained in the principles of first aid, know how and when to put this knowledge to the best use, and thoroughly understand the limitations of this knowledge. Bar of soap 2-inch roller bandage1-inch roller bandage1-inch adhesive3-by-3-inch sterile padsTriangular bandageAssorted gauze padsAdhesive stripsClinical oral thermometerScissorsTweezersSunburn lotionLip salvePoison-ivy lotionSmall flashlight (with...


what does a first aid kit typically contain?

A: A well-stocked first aid kit can be invaluable in an emergency. You can buy a prepared kit or put together a kit that will meet your specific needs. Be sure to check your kit regularly to restock items and check expiration dates. A typical first aid kit should include a few standard items.Protective BarriersFor protection against germs and communicable disease, include at least two pairs of sterile latex gloves. It is also a good idea to include a breathing barrier with a one-way valve for the safe administration of...


Could someone help me acquire a decent first aid kit please?

A: I would also say the red cross website as you know any profit will be spent in a decent way, Either that or make up one of your own ,mine is in a plastic kitchen tub. you will need wipes, plasters, gauze, tweezers, gloves(if any one else needs treatment) thermometer, safety pins, sterile dressings, bandages, tape. I can''t think of anything else off the top of my head. Go to Boots the Chemists, they always stock first aid kits I would think that most larger drugstores would probably carry them already assembled. If you would like to make one yourself, here''s a good site with information....


what would be the best items to have in a home first aid kit?

A: can''t live without neosporin! The most important thing you can do prior to putting together a first aid kit is getting trained in basic first aid and CPR. There is no point having supplies that you wouldn''t know how to use in case of an emergency. Another important thing is to assess the situation. If it''s a minor incident, then FA kicks in. If you think you may be over your head, then consider seeking medical help. Remember, if the person is facing a LIFE THREATENING emergency, call 9-1-1 first, and then start your FA/CPR efforts. ...


what are the Most Important Supplies to Keep in a Home first aid kit?

A: to cover all bases, you can get a complete first aid kit in a store - much cheaper than buying all accessories separately. Yes, keep one in the car as well. You just never know - always good to be prepared. SORRY for double posting, but here''s a better version of my answer: The most important thing you can do prior to putting together a first aid kit is getting trained in basic first aid and CPR. There is no point having supplies that you wouldn''t know how to use...

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