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what is the best medicine to take for a cold

A: The medicine will depend upon which symptoms you wish to ease. for a stuffy nose, take a decongestant. for a runny nose, take an antihistamine. Suck on lozenges for a sore throat, and take Tylenol for pain and fever. Thanks for asking !...

what to take for a head cold?

A: yesa Dayquil tylenol head and cold with warm milk ponstan you will remember me , i hope. sinus medication . head and cold medication Advil cold & sinus Head Cold is a common cold mainly affecting the mucous membranes of the nasal passages, characterized by congestion, headache, and sneezing. I usually take anything over the counter to help me relieve the congestion... Alkaseltzer, Tylenol cold or contact... Nyquil is also good to help you sleep all through the night Maybe some asprin or something. Sudafed, Advil, Motrin nyquil or dayquil...


what to take for severe colds with savella?

A: I have just started Savella and am not educated in this medication, so my answer is just as a friend... I don''t know what other meds you are on either but I take blood pressure med and panic med and when I get a cold, I call my doctor. He could give you amoxycilin or anything like that and it won''t cure your cold but definitely will help. Also, sorry you are sick. I know you need rest, fluids and chicken soup. (really) something in the chicken stock helps clear your lungs. (An Old, tried but True remedy. take care now.. Char...


what to take for common cold

A: Stay hydrated, vitamin C and rest.I always take Vit. C and Alka-Seltzer Plus at the first sign of a cold...every 4 hours...and it knocks it out.  Beyond that, I take 500 mg of vit. C every day to boost the immune system, along with a multivitamin, calcium, D3, and E. At the very least, give him lots of water, orange juice, and vit. C. Hugs, Connie  Freudian slip Connie ? Or did your post editor break ?    I just caught that, Rick.  Freudian slip, no doubt.     < oh, and i must have missed the joke. emma...


what is the best OTC med to take for a cold?

A: 2 weeks agoThank you everyone for taking time to answer my question. '' I like Alka Seltzer plus. Not the tabs but the tablets you drop in water. I dont think there is a best its what is best for you....


what's the best thing to take for a cold?

A: homemade chicken soup. gargle with salt water. keep your teeth clean. breathe in herbal vapors. the best vitamin C you will get is from fresh fruits and vegetables. most vit C is made in china....


what to take for low iron?

A: simple iron tablets or vitamin from chemist FEROGLOBIN SYRUP IS THE BEST Iron supplements. I knew an old blacksmith, who would suck on a piece of iron to prevent anemia. Ferrous oxide supplements and raisins. Well I have suffered from Iron defiency Anemia for years now and finally I found something that boosted my numbers up in a matter of one month. I went from a 1 all the way up to 11 in one months time. I could not take the iron pills because they would make me so ill and I just wasn''t getting enough thru my diet so I did some major research. I finally come across a product that actually works for me. No side effects, easy to


what medicine can I take for a cold while I''m pregnant

A: Benadryl and Tylenol are both acceptable to take during pregnancy. !...

what kind of medicine can a pregnant woman take for a cold

A: Prenatal vitamins, now available without a prescription, are safe to take during pregnancy....
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