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what type of STD is genial herpes?

A: H.P.V. human papilloma virus. Not so bad for guys, very dangerous for women. Can go away on it''s own, or be there and you''d never know. it''s were u will die young. ur immune system is shot and nobody will ever wanna screw u. You can''t find it because it''s spelled GENITAL. Sorry Marie, you''re not 100% accurate. You can get it/give it regardless of whether or not a condom is used, depending on where the lesion erupts. If it''s on the body of either male or female, it can be transferred wherever the bodies touch. The only way a condom will help is if the sore is on the shaft (and only the shaft)


what type of virus isn''t Harmful?

A: Bear in mind that numerous viruses lead to interference in healthy homeostasis, thus resulting in disease, viruses also sometimes may exist in a relatively harmlessly way within an organism. For instance, with the herpes simplex virus, typically cold sores result, but the virus remains in a dormant condition within our bodies. There is also ongoing research revolving around the possibility of using a harmless virus (called GBV-C) to slow down the HIV virus progression and ultimately prolong...

If some one donates blood do they check what type of hiv test do they do?

A: they give you a questionair which you should complete as honestly as you can. they also test the blood for type. not sure what type of test it is for hiv, buy you can see infected red cells from under the scope. of course all blood that is donated is tested! No one would risk to possibility of getting infected blood. I would imagine they use the "elisa" test first and if it is positive they retest the blood with the "western blot" test, because I believe the "Western...


what type of organism produces disease?

A: if you are asking about infection, bacteria, viruses, protozoa, and other microorganisms are correct. however, your question is ''what type of organism produce DisEASE. well, there are mainly two types of disease - communicable disease (infections) and non-communicable disease (eg, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, etc.) so, my answer is every living organism can produce D


what types of Diseases can you catch by using a public bathroom?

A: They''re all wrong. Your immune system is tough, and it will protect you from most anything. The only way you can get aids is if someone stabbed your butt with a knife and you decided to use the toilet directly afterwards. Then, if someone with AIDS or HIV had gotten their blood on the same toliet, maybe you would get AIDS. Anything from the common cold to lice! everything. Aids crabs all stds always use those stupid toilet seat covers If you aren''t having sex there your chances of getting anything are extremely remote. Here are some links to answer your question. Mrs Librarian Keep the library open, visit your local library. Just about everything that you can catch other places. Your...


what types of doctors are there?

A: Ok, you asked for thorough! :) Addiction Medicine: The branch of medicine that concentrates on helping people overcome repetitive behaviors that can range from drug and alcohol dependency to tobacco use and eating disorders. Adolescent Medicine: The specialty of physicians with the experience and training to help young people meet the medical, psychological and social challenges that occur during the transition from childhood to adulthood. AIDS/HIV Care: A multidisciplinary effort thatís often led by primary-care physicians working in cooperation with case managers, registered nurses, nutritionists,...

what Are Different types of viruses?

A: You could do the Herpes virus, there's Herpes Simplex I and Herpes Simplex II. You could find pictures too. It is a very common virus....

what type of condom it is?

A: Lambskin- but to tell the truth condoms do little to protect against viruses- the viruses are much smaller than bacteria=any nurse at the health dept should know that- it is kind of hush- hush- they do protect against bacterial infection and pregnancy very well- Debby- RN-...


what Are the Different types of Bone Marrow Disease?

A: Bone marrow is the soft, spongy tissue in the inner part of large bones, such as the hip and thigh bones, where blood cells are produced. The cells are then released into the bloodstream. Red blood cells carry oxygen; white blood cells fight infection in the body; and platelets allow the blood to clot. Bone marrow sometimes malfunctions due to a number of reasons, including overproduction or underproduction of blood cells, production of abnormal blood cells or initial defects in the stem cells. When this happens, it can result in such bone marrow disease as...


is HIV Aids a type of cancer?

A: no it is not a type of cancer it is a disease not-related to cancer HIV is an immune supressing virus - not a cancer although it often leads to Kaposi Syndrome which is a form of cancer. When the viral lode reaches a high level and other things occur because of that one is said to have AIDS but they are just 2 stages of the same thing. We''re still learning about this terrible disease but that''s the best current...

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