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When does the next obesity help magazine come out? answers (16)

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when does the next obesity help magazine come out?

A: I would lke to know this also i ordered mine a few wks ago and still havenot recived it yet Im very upset cause have not got it yet I am not sure but the next issue is due out sometime this month, like mostmagazines it probably takes 6-8 weeks to get your first issue, so hang inthere & be patient!Thats about how long it took me to get my first one....:) It will be sent out soon. Good things take time. :) I just subscribed last week and figured it would be 6-8 weeks like reg.magazine subscriptions....


Hi i'm 16 5'8 107 and want to lose the last 7lbs any ideas....?

A: RUN, run, run, run and watch what you eat, no sweets dont take any of these peoples'' insults personally. you''re not in an unhealthy condition, but you''re just sorta being a perfectionist. 107 is fine, 100 is unnecessary. Great post! I totally understand how you feel. I''m also trying to lose weight and I found this great product which is working for me (it''s all 100% natural). You can check the website at http://thin-and-free.us , I had a free trial and paid less than $5.00 shipping and handling. Best of luck! Hi, Holly, I answered your question below, and i guess I should have asked for more information. I don''t know why you think you need be so thin...even by the "old fashioned" insurance standards...


plastics.go with the surgeon you felt most comfortable or less expensive??

A: Every board certified plastic surgeon is double certified, they have to becertified in general surgery to get certified in plastics. If it is theAestheitc plastic surgery cerrtification it is not a recognizedcertification, It has to be from the American Board of Plastic sSurgeons. the first surgeon I saw wanted $29,000 for a belt lipectomy ( in2 separate procedures, absloutely would not do it all at once) and armlift. He also would not submit to insurance, he assured me it would *never*pay anything for it. I went to another surgeon, also board certified, andhe had no trouble at all with submitting to insurance, and I was approvedfor a panni,...


A can of Coke is the new cigarette.....REALLY?!!

A: Can i say that I see this as a survival of the fittest and people wont thrash me.. ? if you choose to drink soda, gain hundreds of pounds and otherwise do things that you know will end your life sooner then it should... uh.. so be it. the planet is over populated anyway. but i say that with a grain of salt. I dont think we should be so regulated personally.. @shewolfnm, Yeah, but they likely won''t die before the reach reproductive age...so survival of the fittest wouldn''t really apply. @maporsche, if being fit is so great wouldn''t the fit be role models for the...


the Fat Trap

A: @jespah, Holy Mackeral! I thought exercise was supposed to speed up the metabolism. I feel a good nap coming on. I should have trusted my instincts. @jespah, I''m not a big weight loser (at 210lbs I''m only about 30lbs over what I should be), but I''ve tended to battle that slight excess all my life. But I sympathize with your challenge. Don''t forget to add into the equation that you''re getting older. So as you improve your regime, you''re body is also constantly updating (reducing) its metabolic needs. So for weight loss to continue we probably have to plan on tightening things up (less calories and more exercise) on an indefinite basis. By the time we''re 90 we should probably be eating virtually nothing and...


I am getting worried that I won''t be able to deal with the diet regimen afterwards.

A: Of course it''s normal to have those fears. I think a lot of obese peoplehave gotten that way by eating fatting foods. I frequented fast food placesmaybe every day before the surgery. Now it helps that I''m not as hungry ALLthe time, like I used to be. Because you can''t eat a huge quantity of food,it is really important to eat better quality food, primarily protein. Forme it easier to resist tempting food because I''m not as hungry and I don''twant to DUMP! there''s still plenty that you can eat and I don''t feel likethe diet is difficult at all. Also, when the weight starts coming offthat''s


What is the general opinion among physicians regarding obese patients?

A: Thank God not all doctors are like that. God bless you Dr. Williams and allthat you have done for me..... 7/6 Ineeded to answer this.I have been finding that my own physician is quitenegative when asked about weight loss.one time he told me that I should goto India for a couple of months and Iwould lose weight as Iwould not beable to stand there food. Another time he told me to eat a couple of bitesof my food then cover it with pepper so that when I took my next bite Iwould burn my mouth. He is providing me with referrals to surgeons forweight loss surgey,but is telling me I am taking the easy way out and tha


I''m 14 Years Old And I''m Overweight. I Weigh About 189 And I Want To Be Down To 150 Pounds By August 20,2007

A: I''m sorry to voice losing 39 pounds in 2 months is going to any A) be impossible or B) be very impressively unhealthy. That doesn''t mingy you can''t start losing it though, it''s realistic that you can be down to 150 by mid september or october. Eat nutritious. Lean-meat like chicken and fish. Eat fruits and vegetables. Whole wheat bread, not white bread. Drink lots of dampen, no soda. Very little junk food, merely when you want to treat yourself don''t cheat! Start exercising daily. Wether its only walking, or jogging. Eventually try to run. Swimming is also a great means of access to lose weight and tone your entire body. Losing bulk requires serious dedication and I wish you luck.


Why?We relay too skinny ethnic group we''re alarmed for their strength, but grease folks they''re pretty how they are.

A: Get her the investigational Eddie Murphy movie, Norbit. She will laugh cry and be merry with herself. you nouns like one of those annoying stepmothers, why not simply let her numeral it out on her own, or let her be cooking oil and happyThis is an excellent put somebody through the mill. I am a bit under the chart counterbalance and even though I eat sound and workout I have inhabitants telling me to gain bulk (I am just instinctively thin) Yet they do not say anything to overweight ethnic group. It makes no sense.the individual thing you can do is ask her doctor to advocate her next time he or she see her. Kudos to...


I have recently seen sev actresses that have lost weight and have mixed feelings

A: I have to agree with you about certain people and the way the surgery hasaffected their looks. I used to have a problem seeing other men who werepost-op and how they looked years older (not all guys mind you). then Irealized, hey I am not doing this to look better I am doing this to FEELbetter and live longer. So, I sucked it up and had the surgery doneknowing that my life would never be the same (thank God).What I am trying to say is DON''T worry about what you will look like afteryou lose the weight, accept the fact that you will be healthier...

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