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Whenever i diet, i get symptoms of low blood sugar? answers (68)

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whenever I diet, I get symptoms of low blood sugar?

A: well, when you diet, what do you eat? and how much? also, why not keep healthy snacks handy? i almost always have a luna bar, balance bar, or thinkthin bar in my purse and backpack. compared to a bag of chips or cookies, they''re not such an unhealthy snack to hold me over when i still have a couple hours before i''ll be able to have a real meal. i was also recently reading an article, i wish i could remember what magazine, but it talked about how one of the things not to do it beat yourself up for having something not diet approved. and they were talking about how it''s ok if you slip and have a cookie or something in the afternoon. just make up for it later by having a lighter dinner, or skipping a glass


What happens when you have low blood sugar (59?)?

A: All the cells in our body are using Glucose and only Glucose to burn them and get energy to live and to do work. When blood sugar goes down the cells gets less energy. That''s causing the problem for your weakness. Start taking foods with high carbohydrates and sugar. Consult doctors for permanent cure. You could pass out. May want to try alternative medicine to avoid all the pills & meds Try a chinese doctor they work with your chakras & acupunture it''s very healing & good. Between meals, try eating snacks that are low in simple sugars and fats and have a fair amount of starch. Fruits or cheese and crackers are good choices. Drink plenty


How do i get the fat off my stromach?

A: Crunches or sit-ups, they should work. The Keys to Wellness Every day we search for ways to feel better; this makes our days more enjoyable for ourselves as well as those around us. The recipe for success is a balanced diet combined with sufficient water intake, along with exercise. By combining these three keys to daily wellness, you are giving yourself the opportunity to feel good day after day. Good nutrition is vital to wellness and enhances the overall quality of life. Unfortunately, Americansí busy lifestyles donít support the healthy choices that can Help prevent the development of problems in later years. Today most people are not getting what science considers necessary for optimal health In terms


Why Do I Always Feel Sleepy And Tired? And If I Sleep For Long Hours I get Back Pain?

A: My opinion: eat more fresh fruits and fresh vegetables. Cut out caffeine, sugar, and white breads and pasta. And drink more water. It may take a few weeks to get on track. (Don`t forget to exercise!). Agreed with everyone on eating right. Also you may need to get your Vitamin D levels checked.. Find out what have caused the problem.. 1. Depression. 2. Sleep too much or too little. 3. Not enough activity, exercise. 4. Eat too much heavy digested food. 5. Not enough energy. Read some funny stuffs in the morning. Do a little exercise. Eat a lot of fruits or drink fruit juices. Have one coffee in the morning is often...


How do people get cancer?

A: Well, for starters, Lupus isn''t cancer. Lupus is an autoimmune disorder, which means that the body''s immune system gets confused and starts attacking its own cells. The exact causes of Lupus aren''t known, but there are probably genetic aspects to it, and also environmental factors that can make the disease worse and even trigger initial onset in someone who already has the genes for it. As far as I know, there''s no connection between high blood pressure or diabetes and lupus. Most likely, your mom has Lupus because she has the combination of genes that cause it. That can happen even if no one else in your family has had Lupus because there are recessive genes (i.e. genes that are...


Doc just told me I was hypoglycemic. Said just to watch my diet--anything else i should be doing?

A: You have to do a lot otherwise you die slowly and decay. Visit www.diabetes.org and follow their words. you can live life fullest. u must make sure to always eat something esp. when u get up in the am, your blood sugar can drop causing u to feel bad, have at least a glass of oj, this was my docs,advice years ago, do not go w/o meals. You should keep a snack with you all the time. There are glucose tablets that you can take when you feel REALLY bad. Granola bars are good, hard candies, etc. Hope you feel better! Yes,also walk a lot or some other form of exercise that helps burn the sugar and calories. A light snack before going to bed. ...


I might be diabetic?

A: go to the doctors and get tested properly. then you will know for sure. Although the circulation problem you dexcribe is common among diabetics, it is usually after they have had the high blood sugars that accumulated in their vessels, restriciting the blood flow. Possible symptoms of new diabetes include: extreme thirst, frequent urination, strange mouth odor, dryness around lips. Having low blood sugars when you check (under 150) is usually a sign that you do not have diabetes. I have hypoglycemia and my blood sugars run 25 when fasting and 85 on the glucose test....


Could I be having seizures in my sleep?

A: XJMasonX: Yes, it is possible for you to be having seizures in your sleep. Nocturnal seizures. How old were you when you started menstruating? There is a type of epilepsy called Catamenial Epilepsy. It occurs either at puberty or menopause. For me, it''s menopause. The seizures happen right before, during and after your period. Keep track of your seizures and auras on a calendar and keep track of when you start your period and see if there is any correlation. This will be helpful for a doctor to understand the connection between them both. I would suggest that you see an endocrinologist and even better if you can see a neuro-endocrinologist. Have your hormones tested by the doctor and see what your levels are. It...


Sugar head aches??

A: We really don''t know exactly how these different foods are triggering migraines. Some researchers suggest an allergic type of reaction; others suggest a relationship to the change in blood flow to the brain. So given all that, these are the types of possible food migraine triggers: * fasting or skipping meals * excessive caffeine consumption or caffeine withdrawal * alcohol, such as red wine and port * aspartame (NutraSweet) found in some sugar free products * MSG, found in all sorts of packaged pre-made food products, snack foods and Chinese food * nitrates/nitrites * tyramine, an amino acid * certain foods like chocolate, citrus foods and others ...


Do I Have Gastroparesis or not?

A: It doesn''t sound like gastroparesis to me. It sounds like simply the effects of a high fat meal. The fries, if they were greasy, would definitely slow the absorption of the food. Any high fat meal, especially one with cheese, will have a much slower release of sugar. The same is true for pasta, even though it is not necessarily high fat. As for the burning, I don''t know many people with gastroparesis who have that burning. Sounds more like stress or some sort of ulcer. The biggest tell for gastroparesis is vomiting and food that doesn''t move out of your stomach. If the food is moving, you don''t have it. I used to...

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