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Where can i buy the abortion pill? answers (20)

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where can I buy the abortion pill?

A: Plan B or the Morning After Pill can be purchased at Pharmacies, I am pretty sure that you have to be eighteen to purchase one....

where can I find pure African mango supplement to buy in Nigeria?

A: 9 Oct 2011 I can give you the address in America, but if you are going to use it for weight loss, it doesn''t work alone as advertised. I ordered it hoping it would help me shed 25 pounds I gained 7 years ago from stopping smoking, but I actually gained weight using it! they have a 60 day money back guarantee & I used it. they don''t tell you upfront that you have to do a strong regular exercise daily (which I can''t do), & change your complete diet, but here is the email address: http://www.moyoberry.com/ their phone # is 1-800-380-1211 Promo code: mango, coupon code: save10.00 the...


Is "cytotec" an abortion pill??

A: A: Not to pressure you into NOT doing this but at 15 weeks they have a inteligents, pee and can feel pain. But what-eve thought you should no.Just go to the doctor to murder the thing.Or llook on line.. A: thanks for the advice guys @ichibanarky thanks and yes we will do it later in the evening we never got the chance to do it because we were very busy. I have no other option guys so please pray for me.. :). A: needurhelp where did you buy the pills I also really need those pills, my girlfriend was 9 days delayed...


abort pill / injection

A: Hello. First of all, please know I am not a doctor. For me to prescribe a pill for you would be to practice medicine without a license. Nobody ought to prescribe medication for you over the internet. You need to be examined by a doctor, who can take a proper medical history. there may be things about your body and heredity that would make taking such medications very dangerous. Even a doctor who is truly responsible won"t prescribe medication over the internet. You first need to determine if you are pregnant or not. Taking a pill when you are not pregnant would be unnecessary and potentially harmful. You aren"t even past the point when you should miss your...

can I be pregnant if my boyfriend didn`t cum in me?

A: . Possibly, if you`re ovulating. It doesn`t matter how deep he goes inside. You have to remember that sperm have specifically evolved to be aggressive swimmers and to locate the target (egg) at all costs in order to perpetuate the species (http://www.livescience.com/794-sniff-swim-sperm-find-eggs.html). they can actually swim through even a little river of sweat outside your body, so swimming an extra inch or two inside you is nothing. Also, many guys involuntarily ejaculate a little semen before orgasm (without even noticing), so pulling out and not going in deeply have to be the SILLIEST (as in absolutely least effective) birth control methods on record. You`ve...


Whats considered complications after abortion?

A: Synnen, 1st off thank you for being honest, but what is ttc? and ive seen my obgyn and ive told him every detail i possibly could buut all he told me was that to get on prenantal pills and ill be fine. he said that i was young enough to heal on my own. ive spent hundreds of dollars in medical bills for ultra sounds of my uterus, xrays, etc and they were never able to tell me anything. and about ovulation, i have no idea when im ovulating or how to know, ive tried one of those calenders before but its never right. and would you happen to know why i didnt get my period for 6 months after the abortion? and why blodd was stuck in my body? also i only used the depo right after


where to buy ?

A: Phil, I don"t recommend this or any kind of abortion pill. This could be very dangerous and could be life-threatening. Medical abortion with you buying the medication is not supervised by a physician. Please read articles at http://www.optionline.com or do other searches for abortion or medical abortion. You may email me at DCHERYL51@yahoo.com if you want to talk to me more. I am an expert on abortion as I have researched hundreds of women over 20 years. abortion can cause physician, mental, psychological, and/or spiritual problems and...

abortion.What would you do?

A: Unless the doctors felt that I would not survive another pregnancy, i know I could never have an abortion. I could never potentially wipe out a child who looks like me or my husband. Or has the potential to make me cry with frustration and yet laugh at his joy. I would forever be weeping and would never recover, i would could never feel joy again. Only pain. What would I give up for my child? everything. What would I do for him? anything. I would make whatever happened work. If I were you, i could not do it. Unless the doctors felt that I would not survive another pregnancy, i know I could never have an abortion. I...


What are your thoughts on the fight going on between Rush Limbaugh, and Sandra Fluke?

A: Let me submit to you that Rush Limbaugh is a steaming cup of diarrhea.. I pretty much tipped my hand on my thoughts in the way I worded the details to this question.. But to add a few very important points, all the Republican talking heads who are claiming that Sandra Fluke wanted taxpayers to fund her birth control are either lying or are commenting on something as if they are experts when they havenít even bothered to get the facts. Neither Georgetown University nor taxpayers pay for student healthcare insurance. the...


Does anyone have a hard time getting out of bed in the mornings?

A: Hi, What you are suffering from is somnolence (it is also a sign of depression-- this over sleeping) the opposite of insomnia, which is what I have got, and both are not normal. And you have to see a DOCTOR.- At what time are you falling asleep? First you have to be a part of the solution and not the problem ,with all due respect.-By this I mean you must not get desperate, you should take some preventive meassures with your sons, first ptiority... right? You have to be strong you must train your mind... and your body, to follow certain patterns for you to sleep 7 to 8 hours, you must fight for that, this is your objective. Go to bed always at the same time, cells have more than 1 alarm set 3...

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