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Where can i get the best diabetic diet cook book? answers (45)

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where can I get the best diabetic diet cook book?

A: Proper diet for diabetic patient is as essential as treatment. In other words, proper diet is part of the treatment of diabetes. You can purchase books on diabetic diet recipes by a visiting a book store where text books for medical colleges are available. You can also down load some recipes of such diets on net or can purchase online. I am giving you few links to such websites. Visits these websites and get benefited.

where do i find a good diabetic diet? one that is livable, not starving.?

A: you can make your own.grilled fish sw. use brown bread (no fats no salt just plain)or mix veggie salad with arabic bread (tossed with trans fat free oil such as canola) or dal for your soup which is lot of protein. brocolli is better with your high blood sugar just steam with roasted nuts.you can try bittergourd for your meal just saute with lot of tomatoes and fish fillet(the bitter taste is good for diabetic person) even you eat a bunch of veggie (steamed or try grill) this is good for your help same i(note for salad dressing just olive oil and lime juice and you can buy low fat salt . diabetic


Help! How can I tell if my husband is allergic to wheat, gluten or something else?

A: if you went to an allergist they would have tested him. maybe he uses the word allergy and really doesn''t like your cooking. I no longer eat wheat or gluten. My reaction was slow really. Not until I was in my late twentites did I realise that that was the problem. I used to get a lot of tightness and pain on the tight side, to the point sometimes I thought I had a burst appendix, the dr used to just say it was IBS (which I still have). I had to have a biospy done, and bllod tests that confirmed the allergy. Another side effect I had was...


Newly diabetic!! What in the hell can I eat SAFELY at like Mcdonals, Wendys, Jack in Box, Burger king,etc??

A: 1. eat breakfast every day and do not skip! I have bacon, eggs, and half slice of oat nut toast with butter. 2. eat lunch every day and do not skip!! McD, etc, get the burger but only have one half the bun if that much bread, and do not eat the french fries. 3. eat dinner every day and do not skip!!! Order something like a small piece of any kind of meat cooked any way you like it and a very large dinner salad with real dressing. 4. plan in some snacks, a hand full of nuts, half an apple, what ever you like there. I recommend you go find the book "Type 2 Diabetes: the First Year" and...


Do you feel like all the fun is out of cooking and baking now that you can't eat the stuff?

A: Try mangosteen juice as a supplement to your diet. Contact me by email and I''ll lead you to information. Many diabetics are having great results using this all natural and fully patented product. Tastes fantastic and has only 2 grams sugar and 3 carbs per serving. Clinical documentation and testimonials available. no i like to still cook and bake just to receive compliments from the people who try them. if u take insulin then u may be able to eat a little bit sometimes. No Read http://www.diabetes-normalsugars.com/readit.shtml He is the MD that got glucose meters in the hands of patients. You...


How can I stop my aunt from refusing cancer treatment?

A: Hi Lucinda, We need to stop and think about something: This may sound a little like "tough love," but why do you specifically want her to get treatment? It could be because you love her and want to see her healthy, or because you`re concerned about the ability to care for her, or many other reasons. It`s important to understand your motives because it may be part of why she is refusing cancer treatment. Many cancer patients feel "out of control" because something is happening to them that they did not want and didn`t plan for. they can`t control people`s reactions...


what''s the best machine to use?

A: I use and prefer the Accu Chek Advantage. it gives me the longest time to add blood to the strip. On some, if you dont get enough the first time the strip is ruined and you have to use another. But the downside is it is the slowest to show the reading. Fair trade for me. I think it is a personal preference then as I am sure others can and will tell you why they like theirs. Also look around and check with


Help! How can I explain to if my husband is allergic to wheat, gluten or something else?

A: I like the yeast answer. You might also look into "oral allergy syndrome" where on earth the reaction to fresh fruits or vegetables is related to air-borne pollens. Your allergist won''t do a food allergy check? What are you paying him for again? I learned profoundly from my test and I touch so much better lately. Good luck. maybe he have celiac disease. most ppl are allergic to wheat gluten and don''t even know it...they can eat some products near it and and be fine...I would take him to another allergist Dr and own him run a test and find out...did he own problems as a child? or is this rarely hot? are...


Does anyone know how I can control my blood sugar?

A: eating packets of sugar Diabetes is becoming a real problem for indians.It is generally due to stress and lack of nutritious food.My father was diabetic for nearly two years.It was 265 but now he has brought it down to 120.He took some nutritional supplements from one Mr.giridhar in chennai and within three months it came down to 120 from 265. In the beginning i was very sceptical but , as it was not medicine, i allowed my father to take it.Presently i do not have this person''s mail id.If anyone wants his id, you can contact meand I wiil try to reply as soon as possible. chakvinayak@yahoo.co.in Here are some natural ideas. Good luck...


Weight in the belly

A: best start is to work on your diet and begin light exercise. You don''t have to be a complete health freak but if you cut out some of the carbs and sugars from your diet along with some time walking on the treadmill you should start seeing differences. Instead of drinking soda drink some water (flavor it by adding some low sugar juice). Breads and pasta can really pack on the pounds. Try to cut those out of your diet or use whole grain bread/pasta instead. I bought the South Beach diet cook book, good recipes and easy...

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