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Where do i go to find all the symptoms of lyme disease? answers (480)

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where do I go to find All the Symptoms of lyme disease? Is Indigestion A Symptom?

A: Type - lyme Disease in google search....

where do I go from here?/suggestions

A: Hi padro47 Wow you have been through it havent you reminds me of someone I know ME! Especially the part about infectious disease doctors anyway i would love to know your B12 levels if you have them this sounds so much like me and that was my problem for manymany years when I got all my tests results over the years my B12 although withinn range was very low it had to get below those ranges before someone finally got it I knew I wasnt imaging it.......... I would suggest an uMMA & homocysteine test (best MMa test done...


Symptoms of MS...? where do I go from here?

A: Hi, pantaleon. In answer to your question about your sx warranting further investigation for MS, I''d say yes. In order to obtain an MS dx there has to be enough clinical data and to a large extent, an MS dx is one of excluding other things. Things to be tested for usually involve B12 deficiency, TB, lyme and if warranted, AIDs. (I''m probably forgetting a few but those are big ones.) the criteria specialists go by is the Mcdonald Criteria...


does anyone know how fibromyalgia can be treated? where can I go to get treatment? What has worked for others?

A: 1. I know people who used green algae and body energy treatments. Diet also plays a big role, try boosting your Vitamin B's and protein. 2. Try a search for fibromyalgia + "natural remedies". 3. Mainstream doesn`t have much to offer,except pain pills.they work for awhile and then you have to try something else.Alternative medicine has more to offer.Checkout the book.Perscription For Nutritional Healing.From what i have learned,there are several things associated with fibro.Parasites,lymes,thyroid...


Meningitis...should I go to school?

A: do YOU HAVE PARENTS? GURDIANS! JESUS! StoP ASKING US.. YOU STUPID ASSS!!! WHAT do YOU THINK PREGNAT WIT MENINGITS! YEAH go IN A GET EVERYONE ELSE SICK MORON! the possibility of exposure to meningitis or any other communicable disease is part of life. So skipping school will not necessarily protect either you or your unborn child. Still, if you want to skip this semester and return to school later, it''d be hard to fault you. Just be sure you do...


How many out there have been sent to the pychiatrist for lyme disease?

A: Hi Sunshine, Welcome to the forum! do you not have any lyme Literate Medical doctors there? Here is a site that may help you find one: www.canlyme.com Hang in there and don''t give up!opens the door for you to get treated properly. good Luck saxmar Thank you Cajungirl for the information. I have read Canlyme and have actually met a professor...


What is lyme disease and how can it be found in your system?

A: lyme disease is transmitted to humans by the bite of infected ticks. Symptoms include fever, headache, fatigue, and a skin rash called erythema migrans. Infection can spread to joints, the heart, and the nervous system. lyme disease is diagnosed based on symptoms, physical findings (e.g., rash), and the possibility of exposure to infected ticks. Most cases of lyme disease...


lyme disease- Should I get a test and how much is it?

A: Hi, Erin.... You list many of the symptoms I had and it just infuriates me that anyone--doctor or otherwise--would not take these symptoms seriously.  I saw 14 doctors in a two-year period and most of them couldn"t get me out of their offices fast enough with a prescription for Zoloft in my hand.  One top neurologist I went to see at a...

lyme disease and bruising

A: Hi, Karen.... It COULD be lyme disease or it could be one of the co-infections.  lyme disease can cause platelet problems which would result in bruising and so can some of the other micro-organisms that can be transmitted along with lyme. Here"s an example of what Erhlichiosis can do (I copied and pasted it from another site. It mentions decreased platelet cound under signs and tests): Erhlichiosis is an infectious disease transmitted by the bite of a tick....

lyme disease false negative? What can we do?

A: Hi, Herschel.... Your story is so sad and, unfortunately, very typical of someone with lyme disease due to the ignorance of the medical community about it. I believe I can offer some helpful suggestions. You are right. CDC standards are too rigid and for this reason, only a small fraction of lyme cases is reported. lyme can totally evade detection in both blood and spinal fluid. Your only recourse is to find a
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