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Which is the best diet plan for a diabetic? answers (787)

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which is the best diet plan for a diabetic?

A: My mother has a beauty parlor and she is having Diabetes type 2. She is an active worker but yet she had Diabetes. Doctors say that she takes a lot of stress and this could be due to the stress. Stress is a cause for many diseases and this could be the reason for it. Proper diet is very important for people suffering from diabetes. It is recommended that the diet of...


How do you determine the best diet plan for personal weight loss?

A: Let us help you to reach your goals, no matter what they are. the Body by Vi Challenge is not another fad diet. the program is based in nutrition that helps you burn fat and keep lean muscle, boosts your metabolism and helps control hunger. Choose from 4 affordable kits to Balance, Shape, or Transform your body. Fast, Easy, Affordable. for ANYbody and Any BODY! Transform your life starting today. budurl.com Hello, I am a Transitions Weightloss Coach through Market...


What is a good diet regimin for a diabetic?

A: See an endocrinologist/Diabetes specialist and they will set the proper calorie intake for your purpose. then see a dietitian and they can help you to choose the best foods to fit that diet plan. i am diabetic and in the same boat you are IE: no insurance and a fixed income budget. this is what i eat basically. and i eat as much of it as i want. sugar free jello salads with light dressing and not too much of it tuna red...


What is the best diet to follow for Diabetic Gastropareshesis

A: Dear wickedwanda, Thank you for writing dLIfe. Gastroparesis causes your stomach to empty very slowly which can cause problems with high or low blood sugar. the following tips can help:Eat small, frequent meals (4 to 6 per day). By eating smaller meals, the stomach may empty faster.Avoid foods high in fat.High fat foods may delay the emptying of your stomach. However, liquids that contain fat, such as milkshakes, may be tolerated and canprovide needed calories. Avoid foods high in fiber. Fiber also delays your stomach from emptying.Chew foods well before swallowing. Solid foods in the stomach...


I''m a diabetic, and I was wondering what is the best diet to follow without exercise?

A: A diabetic diet is basically a balanced diet measured to provide the number of servings based on the individual's caloric requirement. [Consult serving sizes]. Not only the amount but the kind of foods and regularity of meals are considered. Concentrated sweets and simple carbohydrates are avoided. the diabetic diet is high in fiber and low in fat. 1. Consult a licensed nutritionist-dietetician for your specific nutrient needs. 2. Ask for a...

Diabetes, Type 2 - Where is the best place to find a proper diet for diabetes? I was diagnosied on?

A: 12 Dec 2011 Hi Vanessa, I am sorry to hear that you were just diagnosed with Diabetes, but the good thing is it is very treatable. My husband found out quite by accident about three years ago that he had Diabetes. He took ill and had to be rushed to the ER and it was discovered that he had it. In answer to your question, we found that the best place to find a diet was in the hospital. there they had a diabetes workshop. It was a week long round of nutrition classes. they taught him everything...


What is the best diet?

A: *Have a lot of water before your meals, this fills up some of your space (in your stomach), drink water during your meal (it`s good to do so), but don`t drink water after your meal or you`ll feel bloated :P *Eat a bit of everything, you gain energy from different types of food. *Don`t over eat! Eat untill you satisfy your hunger, but not untill you feel completely full. Have a good day! :D. the best diet is do it naturally without those darn pills they advertise. Just watch what you eat and how much and exercise. Remember


What is the best diet for a diabetic?

A: diet which has less sugar in it and which doesn’t junk you system with the extra load of sugar is good. Taking six meals a day will be helpful as by the time your consumed amount of sugar is used completely, you may take another set of meal to supplement you sugar requirements. This will keep the amount of sugar to a lower limit. Proper diet is very important for people suffering from diabetes. It is recommended that the...


What is the best weight loss program for very overweight people?

A: the best way to achieve healthy weightless is not to follow a particular diet fad, but to eat a healthy diet, avoiding fatty, sugary junk food and do some moderate exercise. Very overweight people should definitely consult a doctor before starting any exercise program and they should take it very slowly to start with because the danger of injury, hurting one`s joints or back etc, putting too much strain on the heart increases drastically with obesity. A doctor or a nutritionist can also give...


What is the best food for diabetes?

A: All foods are good except these: carrots, corn, dried beans, rice, potatoes, pastas, breads, cereals, In short anything that is soft, sweet fruit is not necessarily good and nothing that is made of grains or cereals. All dark green leafy salad stuff is good, tomatoes and other nice salad stuff is good. Go read Atkins Diabetes Revolution. It will help you to know what foods to avoid. ask your doctor for a referral to a diabetes education class and a nutritionist. First - no sugar. OK - but Splenda can be used to sweeten puddings and non-fat plain yogurt smoothies. ...

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