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Which of the following is true about alzheimer's disease? answers (71)

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which of the following is true about Alzheimer''s Disease?

A: You answer can not be given until the entire question is asked....


A: Hi Susan, the average age of onset  for the frontotemporal dementias is younger than that of sporadic Alzheimer disease (vs. familiar Alzheimer"s), so this fits with his situation. Some patients with experience only aphasia for periods exceeding 10 years, while others progress to dementia within a few years. A significant percentage of people with FTD develop severe muscular problems that can cause loss of coordination, widespread muscle atrophy, weakness, twitching, problems with the...


What is the life expectancy of someone with Alzheimer`s?

A: So much depends on the person`s overall health and age. My husband at the age of 77 is now at the mid moderate stage of Alzheimer`s after having been offically diagnosed with vascular dementia in 2005 and has had symptoms of dementia since a stroke in 1981. He`s now in a dementia care unit and getting excellent care.. My husband who will be 80 in May was diagnosed with dementia(loss of short term memory)almost 4 years ago. He is taking aricept & namenda. He has a bad aortic & mitral heart valves. He has 2 brothers & 2...


Inheriting Alzheimer's

A: No problem, we have no idea if early onset menopause contributes to AD.  Many studies have been done but nothing conclusive.  So don"t know the true answer to that, but am leaning towards doesn"t make a difference.  I have seen many women who have gone through regular menopause and they are still demented.   We really don"t know what causes it, I doubt that anything like the abuse contributed to it, not everyone that is abused gets AD.   My best advice to you, which I should have told you in the very first answer is: get an autopsy done on your mom.  You...

How do you know that a person is the last stages of Alzheimer`s?

A: When a person with dementia reaches the advanced stage of Alzheimer’s disease, he or she usually displays the following physical and cognitive signs: Unable to walk even with assistance Requires total care with bathing, dressing, and grooming Verbal skills are limited; the person may just be able to say a few words but is unable to have meaningful communication May not recognize familiar faces Incontinent of bowel and bladder Poor appetite, needs cueing at meals or needs to be fed It`s important to remember that each person


What is the difference between Dementia and Alzheimers

A: Dementia is the broad catagory for those with cognitive and memory loss. Alzheimer''s is just one type of Dementia. there are many types of Dementia. Hope that helps...... Have a Merry Christmas!!!! Love, Deb the symptoms are so similar --but, ---Scientists now know that AlZ is caused by a genetic predisposition or a change in a particular gene or enzyme. Not sure if I have said that correctly. has something to do with acetycholine in the brain. ---Dementia


What should I do about mom''s shopping?

A: Welcome to the board Annie. It looks like you have gotten over the initial rough spots with flying colors and gold stars. I guess my first question is how does she have access to to all these shopping expeditions. TV, phone, computer, outings? is there any way to quietly limit access? I do know what you are going through. Mom did much the same the year she was at home with in home care. She would order items, not remember they were ordered, they would come and she would go as far as throw the bills away. She also bought...


Assaulted by Alzheimer''s merciful, what do I do?

A: I worked as a CNA at an Alzheimer''s nursing home. Alzheimer patients can be difficult and perilous sometimes because they often merely don''t know what they are doing and whom they are any more. Next time, make time to tolerate the staff members know. This will allow the staff member to keep a closer eye on her. This will preserve visitors and residents sheltered. the staff goes through special training on how to work next to Alzheimer patients. Sometimes, they will be able to alter the...


Alzheimers Disease

A: Hi Ashley, Some of my biography is attached to my profile on this website and you may access for information. However, alittle more detailed background is that I graduated from York College in York, PA with a degree in English and minored in Gerontology & History. I completed my graduate degree in Geriatrics from the College of Notre Dame of Maryland. I continue to update my knowlege through annual seminars and belong to the American Geriatrics society. I started in Long term care healthcare when i was in...

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