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why do people get sick?

A: u don''t clean u get sick, u get sick u make others sick and so on and so forth! Are you serious thats like asking why do people steal or die or fall in love. blood, semen, and other diseases through the air because we da people live in a big big world where there are a whole buncha stuff like viruses and bacteria in da air. thats y. and we''re dumb enough to get beaten by microscopic animalls. bad immune system VIRUS!! BACTERIA!! GERM!! HIV IS A STD( SEXUALLY TRASMITTED DIASES) AND CAUSE WHEN U doN''T USE CONdoM!! There are differences in...


why do people get sick more often in the winter?

A: Being cold reduces your body''s resistance to germs. Your body needs to be maintained at a temperature of around 37 degrees celsius. Although I don''t know how the exact mechanism works, my hypothesis is that when your body temperature is in danger of being lowered, your body works much harder to keep it at 37 degrees (hence shivering and what not). It spends a lot more energy than it needs to. And the thing is that this coldness isn''t only for a few hours, it''s for a period of months. All this energy spent on protecting your body from the cold probably lowers its resistance to other pathogens. Try sitting in front of an air conditioner after your shower in the summer, you''ll probably get sick too. When its cold, the average person


why do people get sick or die when they go a week without drinking water?

A: dehydration. our body is 70% water and when we lose it we can grow sick because we need that water to survive. Dehydration can make us very sick and in some cases, die!!!...


why do people get sick when the weather gets warm and then really cold again?

A: I''ve always felt like it was because they dress improperly. They wear too much when it''s warm and too little when it''s cold. Changes in pressure, way your body acts in certain weather types, etc. Maybe its the time involved. Normally it takes a human about 2 weeks to acclimate to a new weather state. Often between winter and spring, the changes can occur rather fast. One example can be seen by visitors to Hawaii. I was wearing a jacket because it was cold, my parents couldn''t wait to jump in the ocean because it was hot. In reality it was too cold for a swim....


why do people get pink eye i got two right now and i wonder if its because of my contacts...?

A: YES IT CAN GO TO YOUR LOCAL PHARMACY AND ASK THEM. Pinkeye is a bacterial infection of the eye, you can go blind. And myself, I''d just go to an Opthamologist. They don''t charge that much. "Pink eye" usually refers to an infection of the conjunctiva of the eye, and is usually contageous, but I suppose this kind of inflamation could have another source. A doctor once told me to wash the eyes with a solution of Vitamin C powder and water, several times a day, to cure it. I had pink eye at least 3 times this year. And every time it has been from my contacts. I wake up with this mucus matter in my eye and they are usually really red. You can go to your local Walgreens/Rite Aid/CVS and get some Eye Wash. I...


why do you get sick from drinking water in Mexico?

A: funny i have been in MEXICO dozens of times and NEVER got sick from the food or water......but i have heard this all my life............ Wow TWO thumbs down because my BODY refused to get SICK are you just JEALOUS i was LUCKY or what????? I didn''t say i didn''t believe it I said i heard it all my life but FORTUNATELY for me it never happened.........So you thumb me down for my good FORTUNE.............what a MORON................JEALOUS moron If it was unopened bottled water then that wasn''t it making you sick. If it was opened and it was their tap water wtf were you doing drinking an opened bottle of someone else''s water? They could have slipped you something. I...


why do I get sick all the time?

A: a virus would explain it because you can''t KILL i virus, they stay with you forever, so that would mean the reoccurring symptoms. Put a whole tube of airborne in some vitamin water, wait a couple days then eat some hot mustard. =] If your problems persist. I would really try to think about going to see another doctor for a second opinion. There is no reason you should be sick. Something is not right. Good luck! I would definitely go back and get more tests done. Especially if you''ve been sexually active. Vitamins, Green Tea, Water. Good luck well it seems to be ur immune system.. u should try seeing a different doctor If the muscle aches and sore throat go on with no more


why do people get more colds in winter?

A: because they dont drink enough liquids during winter..they feel they dont need to but u need more actually. because it''s cold! There are few examples; 1 - Our cells don''t adopt quickly to climate change and this is why we are more prone to infections. 2 - Our body defence mechanism against colds takes too long to turn on. 3- The virus that causes the cold is believed to survive only in cold places. That''s why the only way to kill it is to drink hot liquids or have a hot bath. The reason people get more sick in the winter is they don''t exercise as...


why do I get sick every time the weather fluctuates?

A: A good guess, based on what you describe, is sinus issues. The barometric pressure fluctuates with the weather. For some of us, it can mean sinus pressure resulting in headaches, stuffed head, etc. To be sure, you might talk to you doc next time you are there. In serious, chronic cases, surgery cam sometimes help. My sister ended up going that route. If you do not have any issues with high blood pressure, many people get relief with sudafed. (Ever notice that scuba divers use it before dealing with the pressure changes of diving?) Welcome to the collective, by the way. Yes I agree with @Marina. i have pretty bad sinus problems, as do my family. With the change in...


why do people get stomach aches?

A: OMG every one gets sick from touching game controls and probably there hungry or they didn''t check the date....

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