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why should I wash my hands?

A: washing your hands is one of the most effective ways to prevent spreading infection or illness. It helps keep you safe from germs while stopping bacteria transfers from one person to another. Contagious illnesses are common, so washing your hands can help prevent cold, Escherichia coli and salmonella contamination, among others. Dove Beauty Bar is an effective cleanser....

why should I wash my Hands After Urinating?

A: It''s unsanitary not to. Nobody wants to shake hands with a guy tha just got done holding his pecker or a girl who just wiped herself. That''s gross....


How should i wash my butt? my left hand is fractured, dont wnna use my right hand.?

A: There are special nylon brushes. There is simple jet system available in hardware shop at low cost, which one can get fixed below the toilet seat. After you finish your big job, simply start the jet with your right hand which is in tact. It will clean your butt clean and spotless. lmfao nice lmao : ) maybe you can call mommy 2 come over and wipe your butt >>>>> Get a bidet fixed in your Western toilet(Commode). Its like a fountain that shoots water up. Many Japanese toilet product companies manufacture them. The fountain is sharp and gives a good powerful jet of water. It can help you wash pretty decently without using ur hands although i would recommend to have a bath immediately after your loo. uhmm.. idk....


  why does my right and left shoulder back area itch when i wash my hands with hot water..is this something about thenerves ..is it serious??

A: Hello kvp321, This can be an allergic reaction. All the nerves in your shoulder, arms, forearms and hands aresupplied by cervical spinal nerves. You should also get your cervical spinal area examined and follow properstrict ergonomics in daily living. If you continue to have these kinds of symptoms then get yourself examinedby a neurologist for a proper diagnosis and treatment. Take care!...


I burnt my hand and now it got blisters that i popped and my some skin came off what do i do?

A: clean the wound, put some antibotic on it, then dress it -- keep it clean, with open wounds the chance of infection is high Take it from this nurse who have worked in a burn unit. Please seek medical attention soon. First soak your hand in very cold water to totally stop the burning process. If you can''t see a doctor now, go to a 24 hrs pharmacy buy sterile 4x4 pad and a couple of kerlex roll dressings and some neosporin ointment wash you hand again before you or someone helping you dresses your burn. After you wash the hand slowly open the 4x4 dressing.try to keep the sterilee as possibly, if falls on the floor, leave it get another 4x4 steril dressing, place ointment on dressing and place it on the wound and spared the ointment all over...


Swine Flu: When should I keep my kids home?

A: I should say, as a parent, you have complete justification in keeping your child home from school due to this predicament. Children, from what I understand, are more susceptible to the virus, or at least have less powerful immune systems. I agree - kids go to school sick. The parents use the schools as babysitters, and I rarely got a day off when I was sick as a kid, not only because of my parents not being able to stay home, but because the school policy was very strict on tests and such. Considering the vast number of people in close proximity at a school, I don''t think you are being too overprotective on this one. I would say that the risks seem slim if there are no confirmed cases in your area, and you should...


Which soap should I buy for hand washing? why?

A: I would recommend getting a hand soap that is NOT antibacterial. I know that sounds strange but if we keep using antibacterial products and over prescribing antibiotics when not needed the bacteria will eventually become immune and then we''ll have a real problem ''super bacteria'' that is immune to everything we have to kill it. ''softsoap'' in the pump . or get a crystal stone bar. 2 best choices in my opinion. Dove bar soap...


persistent pinworm infection - please help --------------------------------------------------------------------------------If you have experience or knowledge about pinworms, please read.I have had pinworms since the last July. (The main culprit is bad meat.) The initial infection was heavy enough to realize I had pinworms, and I was treated with medication. The next day, they were gone and I was ready to forget about the whole thing. I took the second dosage (even the third and the fourth just to be safe) but after a month or so, they came back. I was treated with different medications several times, but nothing worked. Now the thing is, I have never felt anything like the itchiness of the initial infection. But I do get this tiny, tingly feeling down there, like a worm just moved. And I know it''s not caused by a rash. It''s a very unique, particular feeling, like something wet just slided. I read there are other people who are experiencing exactly the same thing: tingly sensation around the anus, some of the symptoms but no itching.For the last six months I have felt the same thing over and over again. It continues on, subsides for a few days -probably due to my multiple attacks-, 2-3 days at least, 1 week the most, but right when I start rejoicing and celebrating, it starts again. What is the reason for this? why don''t I get intense itching if I keep reinfecting myself? - there were periods where I did nothing to fight them, and the infection did not intensify- I really need an explanation. I eat everything I should during a pinworm infection (pumpkin seeds, garlic -there is not a day I don''t eat at least 8 cloves of garlic-, spices -I never cook anything without adding my fav. spices, one of which is curry-, carrots). I became a hygiene freak, I wear masks and gloves in the toilet, and wash my hands with disinfectant, but they simply won''t leave me. I also have some of the symptoms like that weird mouth odour I had during the first infection, mouth problems, stomach pain, and weight loss. But none of these are intense enough to convince my parents I still have them. I will have the scotch tape test done soon. But meanwhile, I''m searching for herbal treatments. I hear Clarkia is really good. Anyone ever used that and got good results? I have put all my hope in that product.This is supposed to be a child disease. It''s supposed to be treated with two dosage of any anti-pinworm meds out there. I don''t understand it, and it''s driving me mad. I''m absolutely horrified at the notion of being one of those people who say "I''ve had them for the last 30 years!". Please help.

A: get to the doctor... they may have you bring a sample with you... i doubt they will do the tape test(it''s not accurate)...


Does washing your hands really help prevent the spread of the flu virus?

A: Because your hands are what is in contact with others. It is also what you touch everything with. By eliminating your hand germs you also eliminate you rubbing the germs in your eyes or mouth. Yes, washing your hands helps the spread of the flu virus and other viruses as well. As a rule of thumb, I always wash my hands thoroughly with warm water and soap for at least 20 seconds when I get home after being out. I make extra sure that I do not rub my eyes, touch my mouth or nose before doing so. The germs on the hands are very easily transmitted through openings in the body. There are other methods to help prevent the spread of the flu. If you...


why am I breaking out?

A: There could be many reasons for your current "break out"--stress, hormonal changes. These changes can only be addressed by a physician. Before spending hundreds of dollars on dematologists, I suggest you change the cleanser you have been using. From the age of 13 to 17, I fought pimples. my mother took me to a half-dozen dermatologists who had me cut my hair very short, shampoo three times a day with a shampoo available only through prescription, and alleviate all fried foods from my diet. I still had pimples. When I started college at 18, someone suggested I cleanse my face with Noxema and dabbing a glob of Noxema on rising pimples. I did, and my pimples...

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