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Will toothpaste cure acne? answers (113)

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will toothpaste cure acne?

A: toothpastes that contains menthol or alcohol works as a mask on the skin and draws out and dry up pimples and acne. Both can also irritate and dry the skin causing redness and rashes. In a pinch, a pinch of toothpaste applied to acne may help some people, but it is not recommended as an acne treatment.Source:Health Central: Skin Care: Does toothpaste Really Work on Pimples...


Does toothpaste help acne + alcohol pads?

A: Its true toothpaste helps. But it''s usually for spot treatment. I recommend water. Really.. drink alot of water and you will see the difference. Saved my life. :) Hope it helps. I had some success with toothpaste. Use the paste, not gel kind. I don''t think alcohol pads are really good for your skin. It helps dry it out, but I think it does as much harm as good. Yes it helps. An excellent remedy for pimples or acne-prone skin can be made by mixing 1 teaspoon ground cloves with 2 tablespoons fullers earth and ice water. When you wash your face, use sugar to scrub it, at least once a day, for two weeks to rid yourself of acne. Check out http://useinfo-acne.blogspot.com/ for more useful info. this mite sound gross to...


Can anybody tellme home recipes for curing acne.n also the dos n dont for acne.?

A: just keep your face clean Dont every use anything "peroxcide"(sp?) And keep your face clean with a mild soap. And dont eat greasy foods. crush an Aspirin and mix it with water or i prefer rubbing alcohol because it cleans the pimples better also give your self daily jasmine or Green Tea facial cleanings because this calms the skin just dont burn yourself Use toothpaste. It will take away the grease from the acne, but you have to put the toothpaste on the pimple/blackhead. I am not sure that the beer and wine thing works or not. though. A friend''s mother said applying honey will reduce scarring and should stop new acne from forming. Seems to be working for her. Just be sure to wash...


Does anyone know any home remedies to cure acne and get rid or blackheads?

A: yeah my sister used to do it wash your face with a natural soap and salt in the mornig and at night i should work use tea tree soap on your face 3 times a day. and if you can, go buy St Ives Apricot scrub for like $5 and use that just as much as the tea tree soap and you will see amazing results!! trust me i still use it 3 times a day! definitely a miracle for my face! What I''ve found that helps acne is putting toothpaste on them directly right before going to bed. Then gently wash it off in the morning with a warm washcloth. You can use an egg white mask on the blackheads. Spread the egg white across the areas that have the most blackheads and let it sit for about 7-10 minutes. Wash it of with a warm washcloth after, and hopefully it


How to cure acne fast?

A: dry off your fingers and get a mirror fast!!! Squeeze them until they explode, clean up the mess it makes than, since you''re a girl, put on makeup. Buy proactive fast in there you go youll face well de clear in no time wash your face with scrub, not to hard if you dont want it to be red, this makes it look a little better. Put makeup on it. well first if they are just on your nose and you dont want to spend too much there is a "Biore deep cleansing pore strips" that helps alot. Also the Clean & Clear set it comes in 3 only about $18 worked pretty good. But if you got it kind of real bad you might want to try Proactiv for while thats about $25 Get rid of sugar in your diet, and watch how much greasy food you eat. Some things you can''t control, but those things you can. There...


will toothpaste get rid of zits?

A: Many people swear by a home remedy for acne that involves putting toothpaste on your face. While this remedy may work for some people, it is not recommended because, more often than not, toothpaste will irritate the skin, creating redness and rash that is far worse than the acne ever was. The reason why toothpaste may work for some people is due to the fact that many types of toothpaste contain triclosan. Triclosan is an antibacterial agent used in many different cleaners, including antibacterial soaps. Unfortunately, triclosan is not an active ingredient in acne remedies. toothpaste contains a many more ingredients than triclosan, and it is...


Acne!! Help!!?

A: Is Proactive available there?? If so, I definetly recommend this as alot of people I know have used it and you seriously could not even tell they even had acne before!! Proactive! You can order it online! Good Luck Hi I understand your problem very much. I am an ex-acne sufferer. Out of my 16 yrs of struggling, Now I am free from acne by following simple lifestyle changes. You can also follow these steps very easily. No Drugs!! NO Treatment is required!!! Why don''t you try a visit to my webpage given below. I am sure it would be of some benefit to you. I would be really happy if your acne gets cured completely by any method. Thanks and don''t lose hope. It is possible to get rid of acne. Take care Acne-No-More http://www.geocities.com/acne_no_more/index.html...


Im a guy and want to know what is good for clearing up acne scars or fading them or covering them up?

A: PROACTIVE IS THE BEST... Acne can be embarrassing at the best of times. I would try going into a site called Epinions.com and find out what users are saying about various products. Good hygene which involves regular bathing helps a lot. Good internal health is a major contributor to healthy skin. Try and stay away from the junk foods. Iíve also had good luck with a product called Acnezine. Try my source at: acne-scar-removal-treatments.com/ for more information on Acne and how to control it. Good luck. Go to a dermatologist. Your scars may fade with time, but if you really want their appearance.to go away, then you must see a specialist. Dove bar soap evens out the dark spots PIMPLES Pimples is a unique skin disorder.Pimples are lesions that occur when the skinís pores are obstructed or...


Acne help.?

A: Use tea-tree oil. 1. Put toothpaste on your pimple before you go to bed, should help reduce swelling overnight. Make sure it is the paste not the gel. One of the most popular acne home remedies. 2. Wash your face twice a day in warm salty water. This should leave your face oil free without aggravating the acne. 3. Apply a paste of fresh methi (fenugreek) leaves over the face every night for 10-15 minutes and washed with warm water. This will prevent acne, pimples, blackheads, and wrinkles. 4. Place strawberry leaves on the acne, the alkalinity helps to reduce the swelling. 5. Extract juice of one lemon and mix with equal quantity of rose water. Apply this mixture on the face and let it stay for about half an hour. Wash the face with fresh...


Please help me with acne?

A: try listening to ur doctor if it dosent work get proactive! Yes it will dry out the acne or pimple. Apply some toothpaste on the acne before bed, by morning it should be noticeably better. Check out http://useinfo-acne.blogspot.com/ for more useful info. Acne is never fun and there are several sensible things you can do to help your situation. Always remember to eat clean healthy food and stay away from junk food as much as possible, and drink tons of pure water. If you have a severe case, go into your local guru in holistic medicine and see what solutions they can offer. There some tremendous natural remedies that can help and I have had great success with mine doing this. I also visited my dermatologist, he helped tremendously also, they...

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