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How Do I Choose the Best Over-the-Counter yeast infection treatment?

A: There is a wide variety of over-the-counter yeast infection treatment options on the market. Once you know for sure your symptoms are those of a yeast infection and not another problem, you can begin looking for the best OTC yeast infection treatment for you. To do this, determine how fast you need relief, which method would best fit your daily lifestyle, and whether you prefer a medicated or natural approach. Using an over-the-counter yeast infection treatment is a quick and easy way to treat a


What Is the Best yeast infection treatment?

A: yeast infections are unfortunately easy to get. Women may note them if they have white discharge from the vagina, and vaginal itching that doesn’t seem to resolve. Itching may feel like it is inside the vagina, and it may also itch on the exterior tissue of the vagina. Some women note a burning sensation when they urinate. Fortunately, yeast infection treatment is easy to obtain, and there are many over the counter medications that will treat the majority of these infections, approximately 90%. There are still some important guidelines to follow when treating a yeast infection. These include...


The Various yeast infection treatment That Will Help You Solve Your yeast infection!

A: The body is in constant interaction with the physical environment and as it does, it gets contact with different organisms - both good and harmful. The pathogenic organisms in the body, like yeasts, are controlled by the good bacteria and by the immune system. But at times when they get uncontrolled, the yeasts will multiply into a number intolerable by the body. This is when yeast infections occur. This infection is easily treated with any yeast infection treatment, except in those severe cases of infection. In stores, the yeast


yeast infection treatments - Effective Natural And Synthetic treatments!

A: Candida albicans is fungal yeast that normally found in women. The immune system and the good bacteria in our body keep the number of yeast at constant tolerable count. By many factors, yeasts` will overgrow that will result to infection. And there are many yeast infection treatments available, both natural and synthetic, that works effectively. Creams are best treatments for superficial yeast infection. The good creams are those that contain any of these substances: nystatin, clotrimazole, and ketoconazole. Garlic paste is also effective for...


(Maybe NSFW) Is it unsafe to use yeast infection treatment if you don`t end up having a yeast infection?

A: Monistat can cause bleeding. That is a very common side effect. It’s relatively harmless to use the treatment if you don’t have a yeast infection, the worst case scenario is that you’ll cause irritation for no reason. I do think you should follow up with your doctor, though, to rule out any other sort of infection.. Ah, good to know – thanks for putting my mind at ease!. When I start to get the symptoms, I wipe down using these “soothing feminine wipes” that came with my store-brand monistat last time I needed one (any non-alcoholic wipes will do, i’m sure) and even apply the creme. Usually this nips it in the bud and it doesn’t worsen! I’ll also go to bed with no underwear to give more air...


yeast infection treatment.

A: yeast infections are commonly referred to as Candidiasis and are usually caused by a category of microscopic fungi or yeast. There are approximately 20 bacterial species of Candida, the most commonly encountered being Candida albicans. Most women experience yeast infections when there is an overgrowth or imbalance of flora found in the vagina of the women due to changes in the vaginal environment. Other reasons that can cause vaginal imbalance leading to candida include over use of antibiotic and steroid medications. Other factors that can cause yeast infections are pregnancy, monthly discharge of blood, presence of...


Severe recurring yeast infection treatment ?

A: Hi Welcome to the forum If you have a yeast infection in the vagina, and are unable to get rid of it despite oral and local antifungal agents then you have to go for more intense treatment program. Since you are in a relationship, both you and your partner would need to be treated. Antifungal agent may need to be stepped up orally twice a week for a month and then once a week for one or two months depending on the response. Similarly your partner would need to take oral medication. Both you and your partner would need to apply local anti=fungal agent. Also sexual intercourse should be started after 2 weeks of oral anti fungal cover. It is difficult to comment beyond this at this stage on net without examining you....


yeast infection treatment

A: just take monastat thats the best you put it in like a tampon an the next day your A O K :P what are you taking by the way? I am using monistat 3...and tonight''s the last dose. Thinking maybe it''s a bacterial infection...i used to get them pretty frequently, but since there''s no over the counter treatment for bacterial infections I figured i''d try to treat it as yeast and see. So symptoms should/would likely be gone if it were yeast infection huh? You need to make a call to your doctor. While these medications are great under certain circumstances, they still lack the benefits of some medications that are not over-the-counter. ...

Male yeast infection treatment

A: Hi, Male yeast infections are much less common than women. Moreover if you have no symptoms of the infection, itis unlikely that you have the yeast infection. The infection is recurrent for your girlfriend because she istreating herself naturally and the infection may not be subsiding completely, hence it is recurring. Pleaseask her to visit a gynaecologist and seek professional help to treat the infection. Hope this helps you. Takecare and regards!...

I completed an oral yeast infection treatment about a week ago and although I haven''t seen any mo

A: Hi, it may be possible you have chronic yeast (fungal) infection which may need a longer term of treatment asit may reoccur due to various reasons like long term stress, anemia, low immune status, constant use ofantibiotics or anti inflammatory drugs etc. I suggest you to do vaginal swab and consult your gynecologist.Thanks....

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